We have been working with Formula E on a special project to monitor and raise awareness of poor air quality. At COP26 in Glasgow, November 2021, we shared a platform to showcase the project.

We share a vision with Formula E, one of our Ventures investment portfolio companies, that connectivity and innovative technologies are paving the way to a more sustainable future.

A pollution monitor developed in partnership by Liberty Global, IT Randsteden and Take Action Global is being rolled out to schools around the world to educate children about the importance of air quality and how they can take action to improve the climate.

The ‘In the Air’ project, which has also been sponsored by Microsoft in the Netherlands, centres around a simple piece of software that collects data about air pollution using special sensors. Schools receive a micro:bit kit with XinaBox sensors which enable students and teachers to gather and submit data about air quality in their region. The project also allows them to compare data with other schools, search for causes, do research about effects, seek out solutions and take action.

With various environmental and technical measurement capabilities the micro:bit kit gathers data about levels of particulates, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in the air. To enable benchmarking between locations the kit is equipped with GPS, one Wi-Fi module, and a weather station.

Formula E checked air pollution levels during its Berlin E-Prix race alongside the In the Air monitor which both tested the kit’s robustness and provides comparison.
Sam Khola, Director, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at Liberty Global said, “This is a superb project which we are delighted to support. The aims of the project align closely with our corporate responsibility goals of digital inclusion, climate action and using technology as a force for good.

“We believe digital adeptness enables children to continue learning in this changing world and to acquire new skills such as accessing information and seeking advice about creating a better world. The project empowers children through digital and helps combat climate change through education and technology.”

Key benefits include:

• Student-driven
• Digital inclusion
• Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM)
• From data to action
• Create awareness
• Problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, empathy

Together we can do more to help communities all over the world to save our planet. Schools can register for a kit here