Laura Chow

Job title

Technology Graduate, Amsterdam

My journey

I don’t have the most obvious background for joining a technology graduate scheme. Coming from a biological science bachelor’s and master’s degree, the business world was entirely new. This is part of the reason why I wanted to join the graduate scheme. I wanted to experience the business world and as the graduate scheme is based on rotation, it meant I could develop my skills in the business and tech, whilst I figured out what direction I wanted to take.

On top of that, I knew I wanted to be a part of a community of graduates. The sense of family amongst the graduate community is definitely what makes it special about working for Liberty Global. In general, the culture here is very close-knit, especially at the Schipol Rijk, Netherlands office. Even though I joined right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and have spent the majority of my time working remotely online, I have still managed to make some amazing connections across the business.

My business knowledge started with not knowing what a ‘KPI’ was, to project managing key projects across the core of the business, and communicating with multiple internal and external stakeholders. I realized quickly that I’m a people person, I get my motivation from connecting and collaborating and it’s been the direction I’ve been taking in the business since I started. Starting my first rotation in the Connectivity Products team, second in Consumer strategy, third in Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and my fourth in Corporate Responsibility, I am excited to develop myself further and work on new projects that make a positive difference, with people who make a difference.

Laura outside working hours

I am a very active person – I like to go to the gym and do sports, as well as a lot of random creative activities (such as crochet, making jewellery, and making natural cosmetics). Being so active means I have to eat a lot of food to compensate, and it’s just as well because I LOVE to cook and try out new dishes (I have a passion for cooking!). I like to think I’m a good cook and my love of food stems from growing up in my grandparents’ Chinese restaurant and it’s continued through till now.

Cooking for friends and having dinner parties is my new favourite social thing to do since Covid!

In the summer, my time is constantly packed full of festivals, picnics in the park, beach days – anything that evolves socializing and sun! If you were to ask me what I’d prefer, a beach or mountain holiday… I’d always choose the beach!

What is #LifeatLiberty like?

Like being part of one big community spanning multiple countries, in a group with like-minded people.

The word that best describes my team is… social

You’re truly part of Liberty Global, when… it takes you more than 20 minutes to get to a desk when you come to the office because you bump into people in the espresso bar or corridors and end up catching up.