We’re dedicated to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to be part of the digital world.

We’re delivering a number of initiatives to help boost digital connectivity, including improving access to the internet for vulnerable families within our operating companies’ footprint and funding digital ‘kickstarters’ that help with online upskilling.

Digital inclusion

We are committed to enhancing digital equity for our communities and wider society – by providing access to next-gen connectivity through affordable options for communities that are at risk of digital exclusion.

Our operating companies provide low-cost packages for cable, internet and mobile to vulnerable households, making our products and services accessible at discounted prices.

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Digital upskilling

We’re opening doors for the next generation of innovators by creating exciting ways for young people to acquire the skills and resources they need to succeed in the digital economy, while also creating a positive social impact.

Through our partnership with the Coolest Projects Global 2022 we have engaged over 2,500 young innovators and have sponsored the Environmental challenge category. We have also teamed up with the non-profit BeCentral Foundation to launch the Code United camp across five cities in Belgium. Approximately 720 children, aged 8 to 12 years old, received a free week-long bootcamp where they developed digital skills, including learning about coding and robotics and understanding safe internet use.


Breaking the digital divide

We’re on a mission to give everyone the digital confidence they need so that no one is excluded from our increasingly digital society.

Sunrise is continuing its project promoting digital education for low-income households in Switzerland, following a two-year pilot scheme. The programme offers drop-in digital skills sessions and access to infrastructure to help those in need participate in digital life.

In 2021, Virgin Media O2 launched the National Databank across the UK to tackle data poverty. In partnership with the Good Things Foundation, the “food bank for data” aims to help over 255,000 people get connected to the Internet by the end of 2023. Through a network of 5,000 community groups, the National Databank provides free data voucher codes, SIM cards, and digital skills training.