Bespoke Bookcase, Salisbury

This fitted bespoke bookcase project in Salisbury came with a brief to include a few essentials including ample space for the record player and records.

The customer also asked Daryl to dismantle a wine rack in order to salvage the metal rack interior, so that the Cabinet could be built around it and incorporate it in the build. The client wished to upcycle an old pine dining table top. The top of the base cabinets had to be cut down to size and jointed in the middle to create a 3-metre long top surface. Daryl Even managed to retain the original country style rounded corners of the table top. A feature that once helped give the dining table its character, now gives this new bespoke bookcase a sense of warmth, familiarity and maturity.

Each cabinet and carcass of this entire build was made in pine, each tulipwood front frame was individually made to fit its corresponding carcass, and each carcass made to fit accurately in the available space, with no oversized scribe panels to affect the look of the finished product.

Bespoke Bookcase, Salisbury

All front frames and doors were made from solid tulipwood, it is an ideal timber to use, with tight, consistent and fine grain making it possible to achieve a fine and smooth surface in preparation for the spray finish.

The front frame is a continual frontage with no join lines between each carcass. This is a constant reminder and evidence that it truly is a bespoke project, handmade to its own unique layout with care and attention to detail wherever you look.

The angled nature of the bookcase section came together beautifully, with each separate, oddly shaped carcass interlocking with the next. adjoining cabinets bridged and interlocked with its tulip front frame giving this bookcase the impact in the room that it deserves.


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